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At the Law Office of John Freeman, we defend people facing any state or federal charges. Our location at Venture Plaza is near the Troy Community Center, Troy Historic Village and just minutes from The Somerset Collection. From here, we serve Metro Detroit and all of Michigan.

Our address is:

3150 Livernois Road
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Troy, MI 48083

Free consultations are available. Call 248-250-9950, toll-free at 248-250-9950 or our 24/7 emergency line: 313-330-2653. You can also reach us by email.

Our law office is open for in-person meetings. We also offer video conferences via Zoom or Skype, and can communicate via phone or text as appropriate.

Business Hours
Monday: 8AM- 4:30PM
Tuesday: 8AM- 4:30PM
Wednesday: 8AM- 4:30PM
Thursday: 8AM- 4:30PM
Friday: 8AM- 4:30PM
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment

When Should I Contact A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Attorney John Freeman and staff are available to defend you at all stages of a criminal charge:

  • If you have been questioned by police or you believe you may be under investigation, but you have not been charged yet, we can intervene early to set the stage for a positive outcome should you be charged.
  • If you have been arrested and are in jail, or someone you care about is in jail, enlisting an attorney should be the first priority. We make jail visits, and we move quickly to build an effective defense.
  • If you have received a citation or ticket and want guidance on your next steps.
  • If you have your arraignment or preliminary examination scheduled, we encourage you not to attend without representation. You can benefit from attorney representation at this early stage.
  • If you need guidance with bail or bond issues, we can help you navigate these systems.

What Should I Bring To My First Meeting With A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

We recognize that being charged with a crime often catches people by surprise, and being in jail can limit a person’s ability to prepare for a meeting with a lawyer. However, if possible, gathering the following information can be helpful:

  • Documentation related to the arrest, including the police report or search warrant
  • Any communications between the accused and the alleged victim (emails, texts, Facebook messages)
  • Names and contact information of witnesses
  • Videos or recordings of the arrest or any of the events leading up to it

Most importantly, we want to hear your side of the story, in detail. We want to know what you believe happened, when and where it happened, who was involved and any other recollections you have of the event.

What Questions Should I Ask When I Meet With A Criminal Defense Attorney?

We want you to be comfortable with us and have peace of mind that you have an attorney on your side with the strength and skill to defend you against any criminal charge, so we welcome all questions such as:

Have you handled cases like mine before? Attorney John Freeman’s history in criminal law stretches back more than 25 years. Beginning his career as a prosecutor and then moving to the defense side, there is not much he hasn’t seen. Feel free to ask about his background handling charges like yours.

What strategy is best for my case? From your immediate next steps to the long-term plan, we believe in keeping you involved in your case. At different points, there may be multiple options, and we will let you know the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can make the best decision for you.

What can I do to improve my odds? The reality is that what you do next can have a big impact on the outcome of your case. Do not hesitate to ask us about the role you can play in improving your odds for success.

What can you do if my case is in the media? Attorney John Freeman has handled many cases that have received media attention and he understands how to navigate this unique issue.

How much will this cost? You have the right to know how much our criminal defense representation is going to cost you, and you can count on us to be upfront and transparent in our billing.

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What Our Clients Say

“I would recommend Mr. Freeman's legal services to anyone! He is the perfect combination you want for your attorney, aggressive (when need be), timely, will listen to his client, and very persistent!" - Anonymous 2/11

“I would like to pass along some good news, I found out today that I will keep my job... There's no doubt in my mind your hard work helped make that possible. Thanks for all you do and continue to fight the good fight." - N.E. 6/19/18

“I went in for sentencing, and was given 2 years probation with no jail time. Mr. Freeman saved my life, and kept me a free man. I strongly suggest you call him, it will be the most important phone call you can make..." - Anonymous 2/11

“Mr. Freeman sets a bar that all other lawyers should aspire to. He is an expert in the field of law and his execution of client care exemplifies that. - Chris C. 9/10

“One of the things I appreciated the most about Mr. Freeman’s services is that he was honest telling what could and could not happen. He did an A1 job." - F.T. 9/6/17