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Defense for Student Disciplinary Matters

School disciplinary issues are typically a cause for concern for students and parents alike – but many people focus on matters of lesser importance while ignoring more consequential aspects.

  • A student may worry about having to stay after school, being separated from friends, being spoken to in harsh terms by teachers and administrators, being barred from extracurricular activities and having other privileges taken away. On the college level, students may worry about loosing on-campus housing or financial aid awards, or adverse consequences for their chosen career path.
  • Parents, in turn, tend to worry about keeping their children’s education on track and preventing minor behavior problems from escalating and spilling beyond the school walls. Parents may also worry whether their 20-something student will ever move out.

Both students and parents often fail to realize the seriousness of disciplinary policies and procedures, including potential punishments with lasting consequences like:

  • Creating administrative records labeling the student’s behaviors as violent or gang-like
  • Taking part in disciplinary hearings that may be intimidating and result in permanently adverse student records
  • Being suspended or expelled from school
  • Losing eligibility for scholarships, including academic or sports / extra-curricular related
  • Being ordered to transfer to another school against the student’s will
  • Being barred from campus, which can keep a student from attending sports events, prom and graduation ceremonies
  • Having a permanently marred transcript showing disrupted enrollment and/or expulsion

In serious cases, school authorities may call the police and/or Child Protective Services (CPS) may get involved. For these reasons and to protect the quality of a student’s overall educational path, the Law Office of John Freeman in Troy, Michigan, urges families to contact an attorney about any school disciplinary matter for which there might be a suspension, administrative hearing or other official processes to navigate.

Get Legal Counsel If Accused Of These Or Other Infractions Of School Rules

Whether an alleged violation is criminal in nature or simply an administrative matter under school authority, attorney John Freeman can help protect your short-term interests while safeguarding your future.

Consult with Mr. Freeman if you or your child is subject to school discipline at any level (elementary, middle school, high school, college or university) for allegations of any of the following:

  • Alcohol or drug use: Possession or consumption on campus or off
  • Bullying, assault, or fighting: Parking lot skirmishes, cyberstalking, online bullying or altercations at school, on field trips or anyplace involving school affiliation (such as at other schools’ sporting events)
  • Smoking or vaping: In bathrooms, hallways, outdoor school campus areas or school buses, or on field trips
  • Plagiarism or any form of cheating: Dishonesty in connection with classwork, standardized tests or school publications
  • Vandalism or mischief: Harm done to vending machines, sports equipment, other students’ cars or any personal or school property; theft; disruption to school activities
  • Possession of firearms or other weapons at school, on field trips or on school buses
  • Excessive absences or tardy arrivals at school; truancy
  • Sexual Assault or Misconduct
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Student Code of Conduct Violations

Mr. Freeman can prepare you for administrative hearings, represent you at hearings and/or help you negotiate with school authorities and/or law enforcement agents in pursuit of the best outcome. He will work to keep you informed and protect your rights, whether you face a juvenile criminal justice matter or allegations of school policy violations. .

Keep Your Educational Pathway Clear

Do not risk derailing your academic future over one or more incidents that may result or have resulted in disciplinary proceedings. Call 248-250-9950 or complete our online inquiry form for a prompt response.

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