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Proven Assistance In Cigarette Smuggling Cases

Cigarette smuggling is a big business and one of the biggest silent partners in the business is the federal government. The federal government is making an extraordinary effort to pursue cigarette smugglers, setting up sting operations, maintaining distribution warehouses and putting cigarettes into the stream of commerce and into the hands of resellers. The point of all this effort is to catch people selling cigarettes without collecting and paying taxes.

If you are facing criminal charges for cigarette smuggling in the Detroit metro area, contact the Law Office of John Freeman. From our offices in Troy, Michigan, we represent clients in federal and state courts from Cheboygan to Detroit, Kalamazoo to Alpena.

Cigarette smuggling is usually charged as a federal crime, but there can be state-level consequences, too. At the Law Office of John Freeman, we approach the defense of cigarette smuggling charges from a global perspective. Because a success in federal court can still result in the state bringing charges, we know that any resolution we seek has to take both systems into account.

Put More Than 25 Years Of Criminal Law Experience On Your Side

Detroit cigarette smuggling lawyer John Freeman has the state and federal criminal defense experience you need for a strong defense, no matter where your case is heard. He began his legal career as a Detroit prosecutor, working closely with federal agencies such as the FBI, the IRS and the BATF, as well as state and local law enforcement. He now puts that knowledge to use developing effective counter strategies to defend people against federal criminal charges.

These are complicated cases that can lead to additional criminal charges such as money laundering, tax fraud and conspiracy. In some notable cases in Michigan, there have been allegations that money from illegal cigarette sales was funneled into terrorist activity in other countries.

In a case this complex, Mr. Freeman’s extensive experience dealing with government informants whose credibility is suspect, with undercover police operations, with questionable methods of evidence gathering (including wiretaps) and complicated financial paper trails is a tremendous benefit.

The Consequences Of A Conviction

Because the government’s primary concern with cigarette smuggling is loss of tax revenue, one of the major consequences of a criminal conviction is tax penalties. If the government claims that the taxes owed on the cigarettes sold would have been $100,000, a court can multiply that four times, ordering a fine of $400,000.

Asset forfeiture is also common. If the feds or local police suspect criminal activity, they can seize your assets at the time of arrest, and even if you are later found innocent, it can be extremely difficult to get your money, car or other assets back from law enforcement.

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