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Can someone be charged with sexually assaulting their own spouse?

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Sex Crimes |

Sex crime charges are serious. Your freedom and reputation are on the line in these types of cases. Whether the allegations include rape, sexual assault, prostitution, indecent exposure or something else, defending against sex crime charges in Michigan can be extremely difficult. Each case comes with its own questions and uncertainties.

Many of these types of cases can be depicted as “he said, she said” situations, from a factual standpoint. The defendant and the alleged victim often times have completely different versions of events, even when the two are spouses. Which prompts the question: Can someone be charged with sexually assaulting their own spouse in Michigan?

The simple answer to that question is “yes.” Although every case is obviously different, under Michigan law it doesn’t matter whether or not the alleged victim is married to the defendant – that defendant can still face sexual assault charges.

Preparing your defense strategy

It can be difficult to determine what strategy is best to defend against sex crime charges in Michigan. Many people in these types of situations find it beneficial to explore the potential for a plea agreement. Others want to fight the case all the way to a jury trial.

Aggressive legal representation may be the key to protecting your rights and future. It is your life on the line. Your defense strategy will be unique to your case.