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What is the charge of seditious conspiracy?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | The Justice System |

We may not always agree with what our government officials are doing within the scope of their representation. Sometimes passionate disagreements arise that may make a person want to take some sort of action to protect their rights. However, it is possible that a person could act in a manner that constitutes the crime of seditious conspiracy.

What is seditious conspiracy?

Under U.S. law, if two or more people conspire to overthrow the U.S. government or engage in war against the U.S., they could be charged with seditious conspiracy. In addition, if two or more people conspire to use force to oppose the authority of the U.S. government, this also may be considered seditious conspiracy. Also, seditious conspiracy exists if two or more people conspire to use force to prevent or delay the execution of U.S. law. Finally, seditious conspiracy exists if two or more people conspire to use force to seize U.S. property.

Consequences of seditious conspiracy

Seditious conspiracy is a federal crime. The consequences of a conviction are severe. A defendant could be fined, and more importantly, face up to 20 years in federal prison.  Even if no prison time is involved, the defendant will have a criminal record which could make it difficult to obtain housing or employment.

Key takeaways

What is key to note is that any act of seditious conspiracy must involve more than one person working in cooperation with one or more other people. It is possible to argue that a person was acting alone. Second there must be some sort of conspiracy. This implies that there were discussions on what actions to take or how to move forward.  An overt act in furtherance of the agreement is also required. Mere comments with no overt action may not suffice. Ultimately, you can take measures to challenge a charge of seditious conspiracy to preserve your freedom and protect your interests.