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New rules for Michigan bear hunting in 2021 released

On Behalf of | May 18, 2021 | Hunting Regulations |

In Michigan, men and women who enjoy taking to the outdoors for hunting and fishing do so for many reasons. Not only is it a bonding activity, but it is a challenge and is often used to feed one’s family. While these are all beneficial, it is still important to understand the law and adhere to the statewide regulations. Being cited for violations can not only be costly financially, but it can also result in criminal charges. Therefore, it is vital to understand about changes to regulations and to adhere to them. If there are allegations of wrongdoing, the alleged violator should contact an experienced outdoors criminal defense attorney to begin building a defense strategy immediately.

Changes for bear hunting regulations released

Bear hunters should know about the regulations and how they might have changed. In 2021, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) revealed the new protocol. Bear hunters will be subject to quotas to the number of licenses issued to units dedicated to bear management and archery-only hunting. This will last for the week of October 8. Also, if the hunting takes place on lands managed by DNR, bait barrels have been disallowed. The bait barrels were used on a trial basis in 2019 and 2020, Do not use bait barrels by mistake in 2021. These regulations are set to last for two years. Throughout the state, there will be 7,001 bear licenses. That is 79 fewer than there were in 2020.

Adhering to regulations and combating allegations of wrongdoing is critical

Responsible hunters and fishermen understand how crucial it is for the State to regulate hunting in order to protect the environment and the State’s natural resources. Still, with changes to various regulations and licensing procedures, it is common that mistakes will be made and for alleged violations to arise. Some accusations of wrongdoing are minor and result in moderate penalties. Others are more severe and rise to the level of criminal charges and can inhibit a person’s ability to hunt, cause them to lose their firearms licenses and more.

Experienced legal assistance is available for hunting and fishing issues

The bear hunting regulations are an example of changes that come up seemingly every year. Hunting and fishing violations can negatively impact a person in various ways. Whether the ticket or criminal accusation is based on a licensing issue, a simple mistake or a deliberate violation, having a comprehensive defense can address the charges. Being represented by an experienced criminal defense attorney who also regularly hunts and fishes provides a greater likelihood of a positive result.  We not only know the law, but we also understand what it is like to be in the woods in search of a trophy or food for the table.