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Safety and hunting violations

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Firm News |

Our law firm realizes that hunters face various risks, from cold temperatures to accidents involving firearms and falling out of trees or deer blinds. Hunting regulations aim to protect hunters from many of these risks, such as requiring hunters to wear orange in order to prevent another hunter from accidentally shooting them and transporting rifles properly. However, these regulations do not prevent all accidents and there are a host of reasons why hunters sustain injuries.

There are other hazards hunters need to watch out for as well. For example, some hunters come into close contact with deer and other wildlife, which is dangerous in some instances. In fact, an article that was recently published on CNN reports that a North Carolina man was trampled by a deer in a restaurant parking lot. The man was fortunate to walk away from the incident without sustaining any serious injuries, but some hunters are not as lucky, even when abiding by all rules and regulations.

In the wild, things are unpredictable. However, there are certain risks that hunters can avoid, such as serious penalties associated with failing to abide by regulations. These penalties create serious challenges for hunters, from restricting their hunting privileges to preventing them from possessing firearms. If you were recently ticketed for hunting out of season, failing to wear orange, transporting a firearm improperly or any other offense related to hunting, it is imperative to understand your options.

Many people are caught off-guard when charged with a hunting violation, but the way they approach these charges can have a significant impact on their lives. Browse through our website to read more.