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Losing friends over DUI charges

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

From financial penalties to the suspension of one’s driver’s license and time behind bars, DUI charges bring many consequences. However, these cases are especially tough for some people in many other ways. For example, some people suffer serious damage to their reputation following DUI charges and even lose friends over the allegations. In some instances, long-term friendships that have spanned decades crumble in the wake of a DUI case, placing even more strain on someone facing serious charges.

For many people, DUI charges cause loved ones, friends, coworkers and various people in the community to lose a lot of respect for the individual facing charges. This adds a lot of pressure for many facing DUI charges, but it is imperative to set aside these concerns and focus on the case. In fact, some people are able to fight the charges they are facing and restore their reputation. For example, those falsely accused of DUI due to a faulty breathalyzer and drivers whose legal rights are not respected by a law enforcement official during a stop are often able to find a more favorable outcome.

Make sure you do everything in your power to protect your reputation and improve the odds of a better outcome. Moreover, if you lose friends over these charges, it is time to find new friends who are more supportive and understanding. Our law firm understands the heavy emotional toll of drunk driving cases and we cover a lot of other topics related to these allegations on our site. Make sure you are prepared for a case that will have a major impact on your future.