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Who Killed Jane Bashara? Violent Crime in the Burbs

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2012 | Violent Crime |

The ongoing violent crime saga of who killed Jane Bashara, the deceased wife of Bob Bashara, took a very strange turn yesterday. Authorities say they have Bob Bashara on tape offering $2,000 to a hit man to kill Joseph Gentz, the man Bob Bashara allegedly hired to kill Jane Bashara. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy stated that Bashara had numerous meetings with several different individuals between June 8 and June 25 regarding killing Gentz as he waits in jail before his trial on July 23. Bashara is expected to be arraigned today in 36th District Court in Detroit. Worthy stated in a press conference earlier today that Bashara was being charged with one count of solicitation to murder.

Bashara was originally named a person of interest in the death of his wife after she was found dead in her SUV on January 25. Jane Bashara’s body was found strangled, beaten, and missing four of her fingernails. After an extensive investigation, police arrested Gentz and charged him with the murder. At the time of his arrest, Gentz told police that Bashara promised him approximately $2,000 and a used Cadillac. Gentz now claims that Bashara forced him at gunpoint to kill Jane Bashara inside the Bashara’s home. He is awaiting trial on a charge of first-degree murder and another charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

If he is found guilty, Bashara can face up to life in prison. Rumors began circulating that a hit had been put out on Gentz months ago, but nothing came of it. Guards at the William Dickerson correctional facility, where Gentz is being held, were keeping a close watch on him even before the rumors began. Questions about why Bashara believed he could find someone with close enough access to Gentz to be able to kill him have yet to be answered. Although never charged, these new facts give rise to more questions about Bashara’s involvement in the death of his wife.