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“Drunk” Driving Includes Marijuana in Michigan

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2012 | Drunk Driving |

When it comes to drunk driving, hundreds of drivers in Michigan die each year from alcohol-related accidents where one of the drivers had a blood-alcohol level (BAC) of .08+. The consequences to the driver can be severe, including the possibility of 15 years in prison. What many individuals do not realize is that these same consequences arise when a fatal accident occurs as the result of a driver being under the influence of marijuana. A DUI is not just a crime involving drinking and driving.

On June 16, a driver in a Chevy pickup in Muskegon County, MI struck and killed another man driving a Ford Focus. The pickup driver attempted to pass another vehicle going in the same direction when he struck and killed the driver in the Focus. He is now being charged with driving while intoxicated causing death.

While it is easy to determine the amount of alcohol in a driver’s body at the time of an accident, the same cannot be said for determining the amount of marijuana a driver has smoked. Cases like the one above can become complicated due to the amount of time that has passed and the amount of marijuana the charged individual smoked. At the time of this article, the driver of the pickup has been charged with a 15-year felony even though the amount of marijuana consumed are only known to be part of a joint smoked 5-6 hours earlier, according to his attorney. Toxicology reports have yet to be released.

Having an experienced criminal lawyer on your side can mean the difference of years in prison or even an individual’s guilt or innocence. If you are charged with a state or federal crime, you need someone who can lead you through the proper course of action to ensure you the best possible outcome.