Facebook is supposed to be a fun way to stay connected to your family and friends, right?

Increasingly, however, it is becoming a place that can get you into trouble. Not only do the police and federal agents routinely check out Facebook to see if someone accused of a crime has posted comments or even a confession about the events, but now law enforcement is openly saying that posting on Facebook could be a crime itself.

As reported today in the Oakland Press, Michigan law makes it a five year felony crime to “unlawfully post” on Facebook, MCL 750.411s. And the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office (and other law enforcement agencies to be sure) investigates such allegations. According to a Sergeant with the Sheriff’s Office, “‘[As] far as ‘unlawful posting,’ you don’t want to get in arguments with friends or family on Facebook and start posting negative stuff…. [It] can be considered a five-year felony.'”

So, be careful what you post on-line. Using the internet to make threats, harass, or scare someone may land you in legal hot water in need of a criminal defense attorney. Be careful out there.