Extensive Experience In Computer Crime Defense

In some ways, a charge of computer crime is similar to other types of criminal charges. In other ways it is quite different. Building a successful defense depends on recognizing those differences and taking appropriate action during the defense effort.

The Law Office of John Freeman has extensive experience in cases involving computer and Internet crimes, including related charges of white collar crimes, sex offenses, and other serious felonies. We use this experience to defend the rights and preserve the freedom of our clients.

Aggressive, Knowledgeable Computer and Internet Crime Defense

We defend people charged with a variety of computer and Internet crimes:

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Analyzing Technical Evidence

We will carefully review every aspect of the charges and evidence against you. We will pay close attention to the technical evidence in the possession of the authorities. When necessary, we work with top computer systems experts and financial analysts who can assist in your defense.

If law enforcement obtained information from your hard drive, we will investigate exactly how that information was obtained, including whether an illegal wiretap or illegal search and seizure was performed.

We understand the seriousness of the charges against you. We will work to develop a strong, aggressive defense that seeks the best outcome possible.

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