Using Every Tool In Your Defense Against Misdemeanor Charges

Attorney John Freeman has more than 25 years of experience dealing with misdemeanor criminal charges as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. He understands that a conviction for a misdemeanor — although viewed as lesser charges — can still have a large impact on your life.

As a Michigan misdemeanor defense attorney, John Freeman provides aggressive defense backed by many years of criminal law experience. Our firm focuses on protecting your rights throughout your entire case. We will work hard to reduce or eliminate your potential penalties, including fines, jail time or community service.

We will use every legal tool at our disposal to prevent you from spending time in jail. To speak with an experienced Michigan misdemeanor defense lawyer, contact our Troy, Michigan, law office online or call 866-720-3708 for a free initial phone consultation.

Misdemeanor Crimes in Michigan

Misdemeanors include a wide range of crimes. The Law Office of John Freeman represents clients facing misdemeanor charges such as:

  • Speeding, reckless driving or diving without a license
  • Misdemeanor DUI/DWI
  • Harassment or making terrorist threats
  • Possessing small amounts of marijuana or other drugs
  • Misdemeanor burglary or theft
  • Retail fraud
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Misdemeanor assault or battery
  • Domestic abuse

Of course, you could be facing several other criminal charges as well. You could be charged with violation of your probation, trespassing or using a false ID. Whatever your situation, we can help.

We will carefully analyze every aspect of your case as we develop a strong defense. We carefully look over the evidence the state will use against you, talk to potential witnesses and determine if any of your rights were violated during your arrest. When you hire our firm, you can be sure an experienced advocate will be on your side during your entire case.

Contact a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

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