Relief And Resolution Of Solicitation Of A Minor And Internet Sting Charges

With the expansion of the Internet, anything and everything is accessible online. Law enforcement has devoted more resources and sophisticated tracking techniques in prosecuting alleged sexual offenses against minors. Anytime someone engages in questionable online behavior, he or she may be dealing with law enforcement.

At the Law Office of John Freeman, we defend individuals charged in either state courts or federal courts with sexual offenses against minors:

  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Attempted sexual contact with a minor
  • Sex with a minor
  • Child pornography

If you are facing charges for any of these crimes, contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. We offer a free legal consultation.

Internet Stings

In an effort to target alleged sex offenders, law enforcement has become engaged in a large number of Internet sting operations. However, the issue of entrapment arises when adults are actively sought out by law enforcement officers posing as minors in Internet chat rooms. If you have been caught in an Internet sting, we can help determine whether entrapment was an issue.

Even with increased attention on cases of this nature, it is important to understand that a large number of cases involving Internet solicitation of minors can be resolved without a conviction, or with a favorable plea-deal. Speak to a criminal defense attorney if you have been targeted in a police sting or federal investigation. Our firm has access to top investigators and experts in Internet sting investigations.


In recent times, the penalties for sexual offenses against minors have increased dramatically. In both state and federal cases, there are mandatory minimum sentences for these crimes, which may include significant prison time as well as inclusion on a sex offender registry.

Those accused of online solicitation of minors can be prosecuted under the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which is legislation aimed at investigating and prosecuting people alleged to perpetrate sexual offenses against minors. In cases of child pornography, individuals can be charged in state or federal court with possession, distribution, or production of child pornography, and the penalties are harsh.

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