Strategic Defense Against Drug And Alcohol Charges

If you have been charged with a drug or alcohol offense (e.g. drug possession or drunk driving) in Michigan, you face a significant loss of your freedoms. In addition to heavy fines and jail time, a conviction can make it significantly more difficult to find a job or obtain housing. When charged with these types of offenses, it is important to present a strong defense from the onset, in order to have a significant chance of mitigating or defeating the charges against you.

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The Experience You Need When Your Liberty Is On The Line

Our law firm aggressively represents clients that have been charged with all types of drug and alcohol offenses including:

  • Impaired driving: We have more than 25 years of experience assisting clients charged with DWI/OWI. We will carefully review the evidence against you to identify any inconsistencies or weaknesses, which ultimately may lead to a dismissal or reduction of the charges, or even a full acquittal.
  • Drug offenses: We defend adults and juveniles charged with all types of drug offenses including drug possession, distribution or possession with intent to distribute, as well as drug trafficking and illegal prescription drug sales.

Before practicing as a criminal defense lawyer, John Freeman spent several years working as a prosecutor at both the state and federal levels, handing the prosecution, trial and sentencing of a wide variety of crimes, including those involving drugs and alcohol.

Because of his prior experience, he knows firsthand the tactics the prosecution is likely to use against you and how to present an effective defense to counter their case against you. He will use the knowledge he gained as a prosecutor to analyze your case from every angle and present your case in the best possible light, giving you the best chance of a positive outcome, even in cases where the evidence against you seems to be strong.

Get Started On Your Defense Today

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