Beyond the CPL / CCW 101 Training

BEYOND THE CPL/CCW 101: Tactical Strategies and Legal Considerations for Surviving Sudden Violent Encounters

Beyond the Concealed Pistol License (CPL) 101 offers a unique opportunity for CPL / CCW holders to train physically and mentally for a sudden violent encounter. Taught by tactical and legal experts, this one day class covers surviving on the street, at the police station, and in the courtroom. If you are prepared to use deadly force to defend yourself or your loved ones during a sudden violent encounter, you cannot afford to miss this class.

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Mr. Freeman takes a shot at a 2-day Advanced
Tactical Pistol class taught by Spartan Tactical Training Group.

Legal Topics will include: Assault, Manslaughter, Murder, Justification and Self-Defense, Castle Doctrine, Criminal & Civil Liability, and the Legal Impact of Tactical Decision-Making.

Tactical topics will include: Physiological effects of deadly encounters, presenting the pistol, effective movement, and close-quarters combat strategy and technique.

When & Where: TO BE DETERMINED. Contact Us to schedule a private class.Close Quarters Combat

Required Equipment: Working handgun (double action revolver or semi-auto pistol); strong side holster or inside the pants holster (NO cross draw, shoulder, or behind-the-back holsters); minimum 2 magazine pouches; minimum 300 rounds of ammo; ear and eye protection; baseball style hat

Cost: $TBD, includes lunch (cash or check); $TBD if bringing your own lunch. NOTE: There WILL NOT be an opportunity to leave the premises for lunch.

Deposit & Registration: $TBD non-refundable deposit required, $TBD if paying deposit by credit card. Advance registration required. Class size is limited. To register, contact the Law Office of John Freeman, 100 W. Big Beaver Rd., Ste. 200, Troy, MI 48084 (248) 526-0555; e-mail: [email protected]; web:


Gene Faermark, Tactical Instructor

Gene has been a tactical instructor for 15 years. He is NRA certified in pistol, rifle, shotgun, home firearm safety, and personal protection. Gene is regularly involved with law enforcement and has trained extensively with local, regional, and national experts.

John Freeman, Criminal Defense Attorney, Former Prosecutor

John is a criminal defense attorney in state and federal court and has exclusively practiced criminal law for more than 25 years. Before entering private practice, John was a federal prosecutor in Detroit, and a local prosecutor in New York City. During his career, John has handled a variety of violent crime in state and federal court, including Murder, Assault, and firearms offenses. For more information about John's practice, visit