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The Law Office of John Freeman strategically and aggressively represents clients in federal and state court.

Our firm has extensive experience in all types of felony and misdemeanor cases, including drug crimes, weapons crimes, violent crimes, white collar crimes, corruption charges, computer crimes, sex crimes, immigration and international crimes, DUI/OWI/OUIL charges, domestic violence, and other matters. We are experienced, strategic, aggressive and determined to protect the rights and freedom of our clients.

Experience Counts When Your Liberty Is At Risk

Before becoming a criminal defense attorney, John Freeman spent seven years as a federal prosecutor in Detroit and has handled all aspects of the investigation, prosecution, trial, sentencing, and appeal of federal crimes. Previously, Mr. Freeman served for seven years as a local prosecutor in the New York County District Attorney's Office in Manhattan.

During his tenure with the United States Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Michigan, Mr. Freeman has appeared before nearly all of the United States District Court judges currently sitting in Detroit, Ann Arbor, and Port Huron. He has also practiced before every U.S. Magistrate judge in Detroit. Mr. Freeman has conducted jury trials, argued before the 6th Circuit United States Court of Appeals, regularly appeared before the Grand Jury, and worked extensively with a vast array of federal, state, local, and Canadian law enforcement and intelligence agencies. During the three years immediately following the September 11, 2001, attacks, Mr. Freeman served as the Immigration and Border Coordinator for the Eastern District of Michigan's Anti-Terrorism Task Force.

He also handled a variety of federal criminal matters including murder, weapons and narcotics trafficking, immigration and international crime, official corruption, and white collar fraud.

As a local prosecutor in New York City, Mr. Freeman handled a wide range of criminal cases, including murder, narcotics, sexual assault, robbery, burglary, auto theft, domestic violence, weapons, welfare fraud, drunk driving, gang crime, and other violent and white collar crimes.

Ready to Fight For You

John Freeman now uses his experience to defend people accused of federal and state crimes.

With his exceptional investigative, interviewing, negotiating, writing, and trial skills, he will fight for your rights and your freedom.

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