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September 2010 Archives

Prosecutors appeal Parole Board decisions to release inmates

The Michigan Parole Board is releasing inmates at a faster pace than any time in the last two decades to save the state money.  Inmates are being released before serving their maximum sentence.  However, prosecutors are appealing the decisions of the parole boards some people locked up instead of in the community.   

New forms of cell phone surveillance should have citizens questioning their privacy

Within the past few years, police and FBI have been gathering data from telephone companies that revealed the locations of customers' cell phones-- either in real-time or after the fact.  The prosecutors said they needed the data to track drug traffickers and even corrupt officials, but some federal magistrates were troubled by the requests and refused to sign off on the orders.   

Keeping the system honest by recording interrogations

The Michigan House recently passed a bill that would require police to record all interrogations of serious felony cases, such as murder and armed robbery.  Supporters of the bill say this requirement will make the system more honest and fair.  Based on my personal experiences as a prosecutor and defense attorney, I agree. 

Supreme Court ruling in Chicago opens the door to challenges of state and local hand-gun regulations

In the wake of McDonald v City of Chicago, the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) is supporting citizens in a fight against local and state governments that are violating citizen's constitutional right to bear arms.