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City of Troy tells drivers to pay attention or pay up!

City of Troy tells drivers to pay attention or pay up!


The Troy, Michigan City Council has a message for you - as of July 29, 2010, do not drive distracted, do not eat behind the wheel, do not comb your hair, do not pet your dog.  Effectively, do not do anything other than keep both hands on the wheel.  If you do, you could face a ticket for violating a new local ordinance.  Be careful out there.  The police will no doubt use this new ordinance as a pretext to investigate other matters.


The local ordinance goes into effect July 29,2010.  Fine amounts for the primary offense have yet to be established by a local district court.


I personally cant stand this city anymore, and this is just one more reason why i cant wait to get out of here.

I happen to drive a manual.. so I am not allowed to shift? Sheesh.. Guess they dont want me driving thru there either. Or what about the person who happens to only have ONE arm to begin with? They going to ticket them too? I want to know just how far are they going to be taking this new ordinance. I do not know if it can add points to your license, but only state and federal law should be allowed to do that one!

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